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PSF (blue light emitter)

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poly(9,9-dialkoxyphenyl- 2,7-silafluorene)

Mn: 20k~40k。luminous efficiency : 2cd/A。


Mo YQ, Tian RY, Shi W, Cao Y. Ultraviolet-emitting conjugated polymer poly(9,9 '-alkyl-3,6-silafluorene) with a wide band gap of 4.0 eV  CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS (39): 4925-4926 2005

Zhang XJ, Jiang CY, Mo YQ, et al. High-efficiency blue light-emitting electrophosphorescent device with conjugated polymers as the host APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 88 (5): Art. No. 051116 JAN 30 2006

Ergang Wang, Chun Li, Yueqi Mo, Yong Zhang, Gang Ma, Wei Shi, Junbiao Peng, Wei Yang and
Yong Cao Poly(3,6-silafluorene-co-2,7-fluorene)-based high-efficiency and color-pure blue light-emitting polymers with extremely narrow band-width and high spectral stability Journal of Materials Chemistry 2006, 16, 4133–4140

Mo, YQ; Deng, XY; Jiang, X, et al. Blue Electroluminescence from 3,6-Silafluorene-Based Copolymers JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE PART A-POLYMER CHEMISTRY 2009, 47   (13): 3286-3295

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